Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi Friends,

Today i decided to post "Sri Sri gari kavithalu" in the blog..I am a fan of Sri Sri.I searched in the net for his kavithalu,but i am unable to find that one..So i bought book,and now i decided to create a bog on his kavithalu.

The posts which i am publishing here belongs to Srirangam Srinivasaravu(Sri Sri)..I am just putting it in the blog..These are handpickked by me and i am posting in this site.

All Rights Reserved to Sri Sri..

To Those who dont know Sri Sri..The following lines say about him

"Telugu Kavithavani Kandinchi,Deevenchi,Ugunchi,Shasinchi,Rakshinchina Maha Kavi Sri Sri Garu"


  1. Good Job my dear friend. I appreciate you. Being as a telugu Man we have to be very proud to have him. Even I too like his all words and we can understand much of his intention in his words. Keep on posting..

    I wish you all the best.

  2. Add more poets of sri sri

  3. Good Resolution, please keep posting all kinds of poems of SRI SRI garu...